Laura Stahlberg

Laura Stahlberg has been our creative director since 1996, bringing both expertise and over a quarter century of experience in the graphics industry. Laura is responsible for design and production development and coordinating media selection, commissioned art, and photography for The Acorn Group’s projects. She travels to numerous trade shows throughout the year to search for new and innovative fabrication media. Her work is showcased in The Acorn Group portfolio. Like others within The Acorn Group, Laura thrives in the outdoors—she has served as a docent for the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Irvine Ranch Conservancy, and Crystal Cove State Park.

Her current Acorn projects focus on development of interpretive panels at the Ritz- Carlton Laguna Niguel and Portola Springs Community Center as well as several regional parts in the OC Parks system. Jenny and Laura’s recent work at the Holden Arboretum in Ohio received a 2019 interpretive design award by the National Association for Interpretation. Laura and Jenny collaborated on the development of new interpretive media for the Nix Nature Center—engaging text on vibrant, eye-catching panels, along with hands-on materials that invite exploration among visitors young and older alike. They also planned and designed the original exhibit media for the center, work that received an exhibit design award by the National Association for Interpretation as well.